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Jul 15

“For example, in the first video, scheduled to appear on Thursday, he tries to swipe an expensive car from a company he is visiting, which customizes vintage vehicles; complains about how his 6-year-old child choked ‘in the biggest game of the season;’ takes a shot at NBC for not renewing ‘Community;‘ mocks the conventions of creating videos for brands; and uses as an exclamation ‘Holy (the vulgarity of all vulgarities, which is being bleeped).’” — (via expletive-avoidance)

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Jul 08


noun. A sudden attack that is intended to surprise and quickly defeat the enemy, involving aircraft and forces on the ground.


Jul 05

“The teenage boy is properly shocked when his teacher demonstrates an easy familiarity with, and an obvious delight in speaking, the same four-letter words he loves so much.” — (via expletive-avoidance)

Jul 02


(verb) To make something, usually food , by adding several different parts together, often in a way that is original or not planned :

"He concocted the most amazing dish from all sorts of unlikely ingredients."


Jun 25


Jun 24

“In March, Mr. Smith delivered a profanity-laced assessment of CNN — also owned by Time Warner — to The Daily News in New York, calling the network ‘a disaster.’” — (via expletive-avoidance)

“Expletive deleted.” — (via expletive-avoidance)

Jun 22

“Sorry, but your password must contain an uppercase letter, a number, a haiku, a gang sign, a hieroglyph and the blood of a virgin.” — (via linxspiration)

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Jun 20

“Drawing on themes that Shakur rapped about in his scabrous, four-letter-word-filled lyrics (no one has taken a kid-friendly Magic Marker to them, I’m glad to report), the musical attempts to draw a vision of black life in urban America that acknowledges the danger, the violence and the self-destruction but also the hope, the courage and the potential for transcendence.” — (via expletive-avoidance)